Worthy Pursuit

Leading women beyond the chaos to pursue Christ in their everyday.

HI! We are so honored you stopped by! 

Worthy Pursuit Ministries began many years ago in five individual hearts. The call to speak God's word, to love women and create events that bring hope and laughter has truly been a miracle. Seriously, it could only be God for five strong willed women to agree on anything, right! 

Our story started with a need. A need to retreat from the pulls and strains of this world, and come sit with other women to be refueled with God's love. We began hosting a retreat weekend for our own church family. Other churches began to see the importance of hosting their own retreat for the women in their church and we were delighted they began asked us to come and speak. 

We have been traveling around Oklahoma for the last 5 years leading weekend retreats, one-day conferences and speaking at luncheons. It has been an honor and a passion that only God could have orchestrated!

We continue to see a need in the women around us. Therefore, as long as we feel the burning desire to preach God's word, the only true way of salvation from any situation we may be facing, we will continue to minister to as many women as He gives us opportunity too.  

If you would like to talk more to us about us coming to your church event, click on the "contact us" tab above. It would be our highest honor to serve the women in your church!