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Good Ol'Mrs. Howard by Ginger Gann

Posted by Amy Spear on August 24, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Good ol’ Mrs. Howard. If you lived outside the city limits, as a child, chances are you rode a bus to school. Even with an age difference of almost seven years, my sister and I knew only one bus driver. You could set your watch by the arrival of Ms. Howard’s bus. For miles the approaching sound of churning gravel, accompanied by a trail of chalk white smoke, predictably announced her impending arrival. Grabbing our sack-nasties and throwing them into our backpack; we ran breathless to meet Mrs. Howard where our drive-way and the gravel rocks mingled. Waiting for tardy students is not acceptable. Even before the folding yellow door is completely closed we are off. I sway and stagger from side to side down the aisle, then fall soundly (but safely) into my seat on the back row. Thinking back...traveling with Mrs. Howard is most likely what prompted me, even at a young age, to begin and appreciate the value of a personal (fervent) prayer time. Each morning while I prayed hard, as my stomach performed summersaults, Mrs. Howard sped over hills so high the entire road disappeared. I hold my breath and wait for the bus to reach the summit... knuckles clinched white to the seat back in front of me. With my bottom-end defying gravity, my neck stretched out to capacity, I dart from side to side seeking a clear path through the bobbling heads in front of me. I p e e k over the hood while begging my breakfast to stay in it’s place and find (with a sigh of relief) the black- top faithfully return and lay securely in its place. It frightened me to see the road along the way vanish as we rolled up onto one large hill after another. As ridiculous as it may seem to an adult -an experienced driver, I desperately wanted that bus to travel a different way, or better yet… to just stop! Stop and allow me to sneak slowly up to the peak-top and lean ever so gently forward to verify, with my own eyes, the security of the road that lie ahead.

Hebrews 11:6 tells us - Without faith no one can please God because the one coming to God must believe He exists, and that He rewards those who come seeking.

The road we travel is often times frightening, and we may not be able to see what lies ahead. Along the journey, like me, you may be tempted to stop the bus and just get off, or at the very least, request a new driver. Instead, stretch your faith… stretch it to capacity, and dare to peek bravely over the hood of your trouble. I promise, though right now you may not see it, you’ll find (with a sigh of relief) the road home is still securely in its place. So... pray hard when summersaults threaten! Keep traveling forward with steadfast white-knuckle faith knowing with God, in the driver’s seat, you are right on coarse and right on time. Just as surely as the churning gravel and chalk-white smoke from Mrs. Howard’s bus guarantee arrival - I urge you to grab your backpack and run out to where your faith and life journey mingle … He’ll meet you there!

Blessings abound~



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