• Ginger Gann

Fear Less!

Fear is an incredible emotion.

No matter if your fear is the result of a tangible threat, or merely anxiety prompted by an over active mind, as it scripts outlandish possibilities for a time yet to come –fear commands a response.


Many of you know what I’m talking about. You have personally seen honest-to-goodness fear, face to face, in your own reflection.

It’s real. You’re living it, or you’ve survived it and live with the aftermath.

When fear does strike how should you respond –with flight, fight, freeze, or (my favorite) FRET?

Obviously, real threats to the physical body demand flight, and fast! But, what do you with 'the threat of Fret'? What do you do when your mind is stuck in protection mode, and continually whispers scenarios of disaster in your ear?

No matter if your fretfulness is incited by family, friends, finances, the evening news, a YouTube video, an email, a text, or a Presidential tweet, we’re continually subjected to reel upon reel of “what if” circumstances.

Because, you know it’s possible that…!

What will we do when…?

Oh, but maybe it might…!

I just know he is going to…!

She will never be able to…!

I mean really –think about it…what if?

The times, in which we live, do a great job of providing more than enough material for a good ol’ anxiety attack. The threat of fret is real and relentless!

But, let’s not get all worked up just yet.

To fret, worry, agonize over, meditate on, or brood about things, which may not come to pass, is really foolishness. Equally foolish is stressing over circumstances where we have absolutely no control to effect change, or resolve.

Matter of fact, the Bible tells us in Luke 12:25, no one can add a single moment to their life by worrying. If we were to consult with the wise Dr. Luke he might elaborate to say, worry will do the oposite, subtractacting precious minutes.

So, how do we deal with the ‘threat of fret’ when fear comes calling?

Here is a list of suggestions I have found helpful, from Philippians chapter four:

• Don’t worry about anything (don’t fret).

• Instead, pray about everything with a grateful heart (keep a gratitude journal).

• Make your concerns known to God (our Counselor is always available).

• Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, or lovely think on these things (take every fearful thought captive).

• If there is anything of moral excellence, and if there is anything of praise—dwell on these things (count your blessings).

• Always remember, the God of peace will be with you.

Good list. Good advice!

Good reminder –that our God is always in control.

‘What if’…we didn’t waste another minute?

Fret not my friend! Fully trust Him today, and become Fear LESS!

Blessings! G.

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